Further Nowhere

by Cold Insight

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All songs are included as instrumental bonus tracks with the album purchase. Physical CD contains the vocal versions. Digital album contains both vocal and instrumental versions. Purchasing the physical gives access to the digital.


released May 28, 2017

All music, vocals, lyrics and visuals by Sébastien Pierre
Guitar solos on tracks 1, 8 and 9 by Jari Lindholm
Drums performed by Christian Netzell
Mixed and mastered by Jari Lindholm at Esta Studios, Stockholm



all rights reserved


Cold Insight Paris, France

Solo project of Sébastien Pierre aka Sebdoom (Enshine, Fractal Gates, ex-Inborn Suffering, ex-Lethian Dreams).

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Track Name: The Light We Are
Transcending my bygone fall
Erased, yet not losing control
No sense of fear on the line
I soar beyond time

Ascending across my soul
Powerless, yet breaching the wall
Reviving in distant stars
At last I realize...
The Light we are

Hope won't fade as long as we stand
Facing back our past memories
I want you by my side on the edge of my life
Please trust me, join me

Justice, there, had no divine trail
The search for perfection sometimes depraves
The illusion of pride blinds within every mind
Shining into every men

Nowhere you'll find a place to hide your difference
Singularity irradiates Mankind
The only way to thrive within yourself
Remains to see the world with new eyes

This is what we are
Drops of night in a perpetual wave
This is what we are
Rays of light in an ocean of flames
Track Name: Midnight Sun
Last visions of sunrise
Awaking right under silvery light
Strangers by my side
First motion in the black
Facing back dull memories of your life
As I cross the line

They fall
In everlasting nights
They call me
They whisper in my mind
All alone
They leave their frozen scar
To shine again
In the Midnight Star

Frail visions of moonlight
Running back silently on your tracks
Across the burning field
One step in the insight
Approaching closer to your eyes
As I cross the line

I now recover my sight
I'm now a part of your overwhelming state
I now join your might
I'm now a part of your neverending wave

Distance may divide our stars
But our very own Ether reflects no frontier
Breaching light years between your world and mine
The core of our spirits reunites as one
Just like myriads of eyes in the ocean
Dwelling into the same realm
We share our heart
We are the pulse of life

We fall
In everlasting nights
They called me
They whispered in my mind
All alone
We leave our frozen scar
We leave it behind
To shine again
Into our last Midnight Star
Track Name: Sulphur
A light by a lonely night
Traces on my face a frame
It was not a lie
What we feared finally came
The ruins outside are iced
Covered by this morning trail
Like sulphur I'm lying
On the ground

Just gloom and emptiness
Stains of blue shroud this drowning veil
Eerie whispers summon our end
All reason now seems to fade away

No one saw the source of Hate
Expanding like a plague worldwide
Our once serene genesis
Turned into a nightmare so wild

No I won't fear the scars
I'll face the dark in its full shape
I'm still alive
My blood still drives me to stand
A force calls me from afar
A voice bound to my own fate
Life may cease, but hope will never die

One by one, you'll recover your name
The blaze in your heart will never shade
Your body you'll leave for another state
On the other side, we'll meet again
We will prevail
Track Name: Close Your Eyes
So, here we are
This time, we'll try to reach a new world
For a new life, a new chance
Tonight, we'll dream until the dawn fails to fall

Close your eyes
This time, I promise you, all will be done
For a new start, for a new day
Tonight, you will be gone
Track Name: Above
When reason prevents us to face the heart
When liberty exhales against the lie
When vision reflects an altered side of life

I know you're still there
(I still feel your warmth)

You just dawn in the night
You just shine my reliance
You're the storm that turns me stronger
Unraveling my fate
You're the tracks I follow,
All the choices I've made
To you I always feel bound
Wherever I stray

I won't break, I will drain your might
Through the seasons wave, I'll stare your light
I won't regret all we had
I'll stream in your rain and into passion arise

We all need a reason to thrive
And a meaning to days
Without hope we are empty shells
Blind to the skies Above us

To each other we are connected
From every single star we are made
We all rise beyond time and space
Track Name: Rainside
Along an amber line
Your heart calls me
On my own in the frozen dawn
I can hear you in my head

I saw you on the other side
Be my core
Let your passion burn me

The radiant moonlight
Unbinds us from tomorrow's rain
For one last time
We'll meet again
Right into the river we'll fade
Coldness of the new night
This winter, fills our lungs in pain
Side by side
We'll sink deeper
Night will be a New Day

Hold my hand
For the stream here is unsafe
Follow me, to embrace the abyss
Time to cross the tide
To leave your fears behind
Beyond your emptiness
Reveal your way
Release your destiny

I saw you on the other side
I call you on the Raining side
Track Name: Stillness Days
Alive or dreaming
I still sense you, cold in my mind
At night or in the dawning
Your presence just binds to mine
Wherever you'll lead me
Whenever I shall pass away
Your essence will remain the core of my soul
Where your stillness rains in mine

I will Leave with your call in me
Cold on my side...

No morning fades for the selfless
No burden buries my fate
No delusion, no fear, no more lost in the vain
To regain this life, I wander
Riding proud and safe my unending wave
Rays of faith in my eyes, strengthen my hands
Rising like a storm in a whirlwind
Motions of light silver my flame
Silence unites us for a Brighter Day

Scents of dissonance where egotism reigns
Steal pieces of innocence
Turning them into distorted mind
The world we may not change
Still we can alter our very own might
Shifting for another state
Under different skies
Under so different skies...

Rays of faith in my eyes, strengthen my hands
Rising like a storm in a whirlwind
Motions of light silver my flame
Silence unites for now on my entrancing realm
Rising like a storm in a whirlwind
Passion by my side for Another Day
Track Name: Even Dies A Sun
I just leave this place
Far from dishonour, away of regrets
All of the passion is drown in this world of hate
Overwhelming days of sorrow are ruling this realm
This hope of mine can be yours again
It brightens our way through it all
Leading our trails
Across the ruins of our Mankind dream
Start reliving, be yourself
Our reasons can brave even the tides of inception

Springtime will cease to come
In the end when the cycle is gone... Again
We all share a fragile life
Ephemeral like a breath
Yet in our veins stream the cosmic marks
The origins of Time itself
We all shall fade back to black
Exhaling for another day

We are the essence,
Ethereal within the matter

Horizons will rise
When skies will finally drain
Each sun may die
But trust me, their blaze will prevail

Our reasons will brave the storms of existence
We are our own everlasting stars

Even dies a sun,
Yet never does a soul
Track Name: Distance
White, standing days of cold
Cold dawn still
All those distant rays
Forlorn in silence
Shattered seasons
Orphans of winter


For a second life, would you arise ?
For a second try, who would you be ?
In this state of sorrow, of pain and regrets
Where hope is gone
This ride has consumed every day
Who would you be?
When the moonlight will shine for one last time
When the rain will turn you to haze
I'll be there for you
When the rising shimmer will reveal your wounds again
When your heart will cry all what's left of me
I'll be there for you
When skies will bleed all this inborn rage
When storms will deeper devour every men

...I'm burning...

Side by side, no longer alike
Night by night, no longer aside
Tide after tide, no longer alive
Track Name: I Will Rise
Servitude strikes and now you start seeing
To you it's now clear
That all retreat is compromised
Your hope is gone, the ropes are awaiting
Will this nightfall be our last ?

Their fierce gallows stray, still and grey
Demented, their ideals shall end
This is us or them
I won't leave my world in their hands
Backed up or alone I will stand
I will never shade

I will rise for a last tide
I'll lose myself for another day
Within the blaze of your lifetime
I will rise one last night
Losing my name for another fate
To feel your haze burning my eyes

(Our new horizons will be bright)
Don't let sick minds decide for yourself
You're not a part of this game
Be your way
Release yourself
Be proud of your aim
Don't let your fears blind the sense of your role
The wall can be breached
Be your way
Release yourself
Be proud of your aim

By downfall justice will be done
Track Name: Deep
Our light, our minds have merged into blaze
Binding us to see the sunrise as one
I can sense your reliance right into me
Together we will blind

Overwhelmed by the passion of our ideal
We now embrace the night
One last time
Hold my hand, follow me to the Dreamers realm
For today, be mine

This side seeds a new turn
Void of lies, wide from delusion
You won't drift alone in the blur
I trust my feelings... My eyes you burn

This attraction has left us in rapture
In your bliss I wander
On your lips I'm reading your sensations
With you, I'm consumed... I burn

Join me, these tracks lead to your fate
To where the motion is tied by time
I won't let tomorrow wither your rays
Unite your Self to mine

I'll release delight back in your tears
Our lost emotion will shine
We shall rise
In our veins the fire never decayed
Never declined
Since the days of July

In the air, the ashes soar, whirling
Our bodies stray in the core, so high
I will drain the distance and release your call
Reveal your soul
Come to me tonight

I won't fade, my storm brazes your wings
Your fate caresses mine, inside
I will dive deeper right into you
Leaving your flame forever bright